Northern Regional Centre (NRC)

NRC is headed by an Honorary. Director who is also a faculty at the host institute/university.The Northern Regional Centre was established in 1975 by the Council in collaboration with Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi the hostinstitute. The office is located in Room No. 003, 005 & 007 in the Old CRS Building, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi-110067.

The Aims of the NRC are as follows:
  • To represent ICSSR within the region : Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi; since November 2000 the newly carved out states of Uttaranchal and Chattisgarh are also covered.
  • To act as a representative of social scientists of the region and to bring their ideas and problems to the ICSSR;
  • To provide a platform for social scientists of the region to come together for the promotion of social science research through workshops and seminars; and
  • To serve as link between social scientists of the region and the national and international community of social scientists.
  • Organizing in collaboration with or assisting the organization of seminars/workshops/conferences/Regional Social Science Congress/Research Methodology Courses;
  • Organizing lectures by distinguished scholars;
  • Promoting and/or sponsoring documentation and bibliographical work in the regional languages;
  • Promoting/undertaking special documentation work;
  • Supplementing the social science journals/periodicals at the libraries of universities and research institutions;
  • Assisting regional professional associations of social scientists;
  • Awarding study grants for scholars for visiting libraries/institutions for research work; and
  • Any other activity which may promote social science research in the region and/or which may be delegated by the ICSSR.
  • Organization of thematic graduate seminars at the university or collegiate level; where students also get the opportunity to interact with eminent social scientists.
  • Requesting universities to submit proposals for inviting leading social scientists (within India) to spend some time at universities and delivering a series of lectures on frontier areas of research in the social sciences. Funding may be provided to two or three universities at the state level on an annual basis - continued funding would depend on a review of the previous year’s activities.
  • The Regional Centre could also play a role in seeding quality journals in the social sciences in the regional languages. In experimental terms a proposal for a regional language Research Newsletter may be invited that could test the ground for a couple of years before launching into something major.
  • To provide financial assistance to conduct Research Projects to the tune of Rs. 1.00 lakhs per project.